Vicam is a company founded in 1992 entirely dedicated to the exportation of Spanish toys.

Since 1992 we have collaborated in the development of the export department of the Spanish toy companies Falca, Olmo, Rima, Illusion, Roman, and Evapal.

During these 23 years, some of these companies left the toy business, as all we know, due to the massive imports from China and poor help received from the administration for quality control and regulation of imports, made it impossible these companies survival within the toy business. Some of them have moved to other businesses, others have been forced to close, and those that continues do it with a big effort.

In 2009 we started manufacturing plastic toys and we have expanded the collection over the years.

Our factory has a extension of 8,000m2 in production halls and warehouse.

For 2016 we are expanding our plastic toys with a collection of dolls. Our experience in doll comes from the year 1977 and since then we always have been selling dolls around the world.   . We are very confident in this new phase, and we hope that the new doll collection will help us continue growing.

All our production is 100% Spanish made and all our products meet European standards of toys safety. Vicam export more than 50% of our production and this diversification of markets is very important for the future of our company.

Thank you for keep trusting in us.